Why Do People Cover Their Eyes When They Cry

Why do people cover their eyes when they cry
and want to be the earth itself
forgetting the trouble that caused
their tears running endlessly.

Why do people cover their eyes when they cry
and struggle to look at a surprise
the one that came unexpectedly
bringing the water instead of smile.

Why do people cover their eyes when they cry
whenever sad, whenever happy
who should we blame for that
the ones who make us happy or sad ?

Why do people cover their eyes when they cry
very simple and simply hard to understand
for the tears that never stop
for the fears that never go
away from the pretty faces.

Why do people cover their eyes when they cry
are they ashamed of their weakness
or just want to hide their happiness ?

Dear people, it’s been too long since my last post here. I know that less than two years I’ve been struggling to find time and write some match reviews – which I really miss a lot! I’ve just re-read some messages with my old friend about City and realized how much I want those times back. But there is no time machine in real life. Today, the Premier League starts for City as they play away versus Brighton. Unfortunately, just as I wanted to watch it, I have a Turkish course from 6-8pm so…

Although I feel guilty because I didn’t follow City as much as I did in previous years, I’m also proud of everything I’ve achieved during these two years of college. So many beautiful opportunities I had to improve myself. Even my poem got published last December. You know that I’ve always loved writing – about City or just diaries – it makes me happier and hopefully you’ll forgive me for being not so active when it comes to City (although I followed and watched almost every LP match) because some of my other dreams came true.

I promise, I’ll do my best to follow City more than I did before, but also continue to chase my other dreams – especially writing poetry – or even start writing my forever wanted book about time travel.

Above my words are again my words, but written as a poem. Recently my cousin was in hospital and as I was going to visit him –  there was a girl in the waiting room crying and covering her eyes. It intrigued me. A few minutes after I came up with the line: Why do people cover their eyes when they cry ? And as soon as I got home I started writing this poem. Hope you’re going to like it, but also understand it and that it will leave some food for thought. Thank God – my cousin is doing well,  but I’ve never found out the reason for the tears of that girl. Hopefully, she and her family are doing okay, too.

Stay safe and healthy and laugh a lot,




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