Panta Rei

Hellooo, sweet bunch of people!

After so much time, I finally decided to write something on this blog. I have to admit that I’ve been neglecting it a lot. But the good thing is that I never actually stopped writing. Hopefully, some of you did check out my second blog – check it out here.

I write more in Bosnian, but still would like to have some feedback from you, dear followers of ArienThoughts. Football –  well I don’t watcht it as much as I did before, but still following everything that has to do with City and Bosnian National teams (in 15 minutes – we’re playing vs. Gibraltar). I might as well watch this one.

However, on my second blog –  you can read a lot of literature stuff, I even came up with an idea to write about meeting famous past writers by going in that period of history with a time machine. Awesome, right ? There’s this new show called Timeless, it’s the best! I’m time travel fan since I was so little and hopefully this show is going to be renewed for second season. It really deserves that. I’ve learned many things from history I never knew about before.

It’s always good to be back here because lots of posts are my own opinion, so don’t need to follow some particular rules like on my second blog where I try to stay more business like 😀

Not sure I have something else to say except of: enjoy this beautiful spring and study hard haha. Exams are coming, yeah!

Greetings from sunny Bosnia!

That’s me in the picture and behind me – the most beautiful river – Una.


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