Try and try. And never quit.

A pure emotion does not need a mask of complexity. – my Professor

I was thinking about writing a post about my year, this 2016 although it’s not the end yet, but still. And somehow I decided to tell you something, something very beautiful, inspirational. I decided to write it here, on my blog which I have for two years now. You know, I had this blog for so long that nobody actually knew about it. Well, only my followers and friends on Twitter and a couple of people from WP and 101 writing and all those things I’ve participated here. But you know what ? I’ve posted every single post on my facebook, too, but feedback, there wasn’t any, I shall say. And it’s sad. Somehow, people don’t care that much. They don’t support you and those who do, you have to be very careful not to lose them. And I’m so thankful to my friends (including my ex friend who had always read my posts –  so sad we’re not in touch anymore, but I guess it’s because you move on and meet other people, make new friends and realize that only the best of ones would stay and they certainly do).

For the world, this year had been awful, but for my own world – was pretty nice. And I’m so thankful to God for that. There were struggles, I admit, but I always managed to cross the barriers and continue. This year was also the first of my college, me being a freshman. It was hard in the beginning, very. New people, new environment, everything new. As time went by, I met amazing people that I know will always be there, at least for one single advice in a difficult situation. It is funny how I never dreamed about meeting the best professor ever, and I actually did meet her. A person full of happiness and always wearing a smile, always ready to be your support. And then, I remember how I wanted to apply for some other college, in other town..

I gotta say, our conditions on college are pretty sad. But somehow we manage to make it better for us. Not to sit in the corner and cry. If we do that, we’ll never see the light from the outside. Never. We have to get up and try. This year was really pretty nice.

What I also wanted to say is that I’m going to continue my work on this blog inshaAllah. At least, someone reads it. I’m pretty out of football which means there are going to be less posts about it, but hey, as long as I write, it’s good.

I’d also say how everything happens for a reason. Butterfly effect, serendipity. Do a good deed and you’ll see it.

I’ve sent so many prose works for some competitions and none of them were accepted. But then, I sent my poem. A poem about January, my favourite month and it has been published!! You’ve got no idea how happy I was. I’m still waiting for my copy of it.

Once again, thank you to all who reads, follows this blog. No matter how much of you are there, I’m always thankful.

InshaAllah, everything is going to be good with this world and dear Aleppo. My heart breaks seeing those horrible things going on there.



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