Blue Door

Inside of the unknown of this life
You will find a little bit more
Like a man finds his beloved wife
Just look through the blue door.


When Annie came home, she was so exhausted. She just wanted to lay down on her bed and sleep for a thousand years. When she entered her room, she kind of felt angry. And only then she remembered that even after this exhausting day, there’s still undone work she’s been avoiding for maybe two weeks. Her closet. This is what made her feel turmoil. Annie knew that she couldn’t avoid this job more, so she decided to get it done. Maybe she’ll even feel relaxed and not think about what happened to her today. She wasn’t tired because of the lack of sleep, but so opposite. She was exhausted because of thinking. Thinking about what else would happen to her at the Uni. Everybody hated her. Except of herself, well, what a cliche! But still, she decided to do something up with the closet. It was full of clothes, filthy one, too. While she was cleaning and putting the filthy clothes to be washed, some kind of a light came into her eyes. That was weird. It was raining outside. She looked closely. Behind her favourite coat, a little piece of the skyblue light was shining. She wanted to feel it so she pulled her hands and touched a surface. It was a blue door with a metal handle. She felt even more confused. She’s never seen this door before. As adventurous as she was, she decided to open. When she passed through, she was standing there on the snow or was it her in the sea or in the park or on the valley. All she knew was that her heart was beating so fast that she could barely breathe. A place was whole different than her house, her backyard or even anything she’s ever seen. It was colourful. Annie was a flower, then a sea creature, then a leaf and then a snowflake. But it was all the same person. It was her. She felt every single second. She felt the seconds of seasons. And once in her life, she was truly happy.


When you open the blue door
And find out the different stuff
You will be more than sure
That you already have enough.


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