New ideas, new blog.

Hey guys, I have news. Well, most of you already know because I posted about it on Twitter. I’ve started writing a new blog.

I have this one for two years now and it’s been an absolute pleasure to hear all of your comments and also thank you for few likes I’ve got on posts, mostly those which are included in a Books category. A lot of stuff happened since the first day I opened this ArienThoughts blog and we all know that people are full with some new ideas and goals.

A new idea came up on my mind, mostly because of me studying English and really being in love with it, so I decided to share some things with you, too. One of the most interesting part in this process of studying English is its literature. Last year it was only an entry about it and this year it is more detailed so I also have a lot of material to share there. And of course want you to learn more about it.

I also want to make one thing clear, I’m not planning on closing this blog. There are more the one hundred posts/articles on here. And all written by myself. I’m really proud of it. I’ve been still in the High School and probably my English got better so if I start reading my very first posts, there would be a lot of grammar mistakes.

Also, when I first decided to open this blog, I realized I wanted to write about sports which has been definitely awesome, but as soon as my college started, more obligations appeared and I just couldn’t find time for every single game of City or Bosnian national team. It is definitely not easy to write about the match if you didn’t even watch it. You can follow tweets or any other social media, but still not as same as when you watch it live.

I haven’t been active for a month, the last time I’ve written here was on the 1st of Nov after the match City vs Barca. I don’t want to be inactive, and it is surely not fair to you to write only some stories when the description of blog is Sports and Stories. That’s why I decided to open a new blog which is also connected to Facebook page Neira Literary.  I want to be more active and keep writing so it’s easier to write about something that you read or study all the time. This does not mean I’m not a fan anymore or something like that, of course I am and I’ll do my best to still refresh this blog with sports articles, well at least about the CL. InshaAllah one day when I finish college I’ll be able to write more about sports, but for now I hope you’re going to check out my second blog here on the WP and support me as you always have. Also I’m planning to write my own stories there, too, and I’ve chosen Friday to be a day for my story.

Really hope you’re gonna like it. Thanks a lot for your support!





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